About Us


We hope that you will be pleased with our service. If you are not, and have a complaint, we will address that complaint thoroughly in a professional manner.

Complaints can be made in writing, by email or by telephone to Roddy Wilkie, Managing Director.

Mr R I Wilkie,
Moncrieff House
69 West Nile Street
G1 2QB


0141 270 7060

If Mr Wilkie is unavailable or is the subject of your complaint, it will be passed to another Director or the next most senior staff member available.

We will try to welcome your complaint. We will use it to help us to improve our service to you, and to others. We appreciate that making a complaint will involve a degree of discomfort, on your part as well as ours, but we will try to respond politely and sympathetically.

Your complaint will be acknowledged in writing within five working days. The identity of the person handling your complaint will set out in this letter and a copy of this procedure will be included. We will keep a record of your complaint and of our responses to it and you may inspect these records.

We will try to meet with you or discuss the complaint by telephone where possible, with a view to reaching an amicable solution. If a solution cannot be reached in this way, we will respond in writing explaining our position.

Our aim is to respond to your complaint in full within 28 days. If that is not possible, we will let you know the reason and when you can expect to receive a full response.

If no solution can be reached, mediation is our preferred option. With your agreement, the complaint will be forwarded in writing to the Scottish Mediation Network, an independent regulatory body, or to the Academy of Experts in London, with a request to provide the names of three independent mediators. You will have the option to choose from the list a mediator who will meet with you and Cadogans with a view to mediating a satisfactory solution.

At all times you will retain the right of recourse to normal legal process.