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We are proud of our technical expertise and ability to provide solutions which cater for our many and varied client needs.

Here we note a number of letters and emails of recommendation that have been received from our clients.

"...we would like to thank you for your major contribution to our case. Without doubt it had a considerable bearing on the outcome. We all feel very relieved that its over"

"As a Personal Injury Solicitor, I needed an expert who could assist with court case for a client who suffered injury from an electrical fire started in a work place. The evidence was heavily weighted against our client who was blamed from causing the accident in question (the clients own trades union solicitors had even  refused to take on because liability looked so bad for our client!). we managed to secure Garys services and thanks to Garys expertise and excellent skills, we managed to get a good outcome for the client against all odds! I have no hesitation in recommending Gary Gold at Cadogans. Thanks again Gary!"
Marie Morrison, Grigor & Young


“Thank you for your report. It was delightful to read it, specially the conclusions.”

"Cadogan Consultants provided a painstaking assessment of the problems we were facing which helped us to analyse the optimum way forward.  They then delivered solutions that took full account of both the operating context of our district heating system and our future needs."