Case Studies

Municipal Waste Fired Power Station


Cadogans acted as expert witness on disputes relating to the water tube boiler at a large municipal waste fired power station.

mun2.jpgThe plant failed one of the tests that formed part of the performance testing. It was believed that this was due to the sizing of the steam drum. There were also issues of whether the test was representative of actual emergency operation.

Work Carried Out By Cadogans

Cadogans carried out calculations of the heat in the combustion chamber and boiler that needed to be dissipated by evaporation of water from the steam drum. These were compared with the manufacturer’s calculations.

Calculations were also carried out to demonstrate the rate of burn down of waste in the combustion chamber during emergency conditions.

One conclusion was that the manufacturer’s calculation excluded a safety factor that was in the relevant standards. The assumptions made by the manufacturer were also questioned.

The matter settled.

Engineering Discipline