Cadogans' Experts

Cadogans provides a range of expert engineering and technical services that is unrivalled. Cadogans is not an agency or a typical expert directory. When selecting a technical expert you need someone with theoretical and practical knowledge in the particular field you are dealing with. Among our 100+ network of specialists spread across all engineering and technical services disciplines we can find someone with the required expertise in most areas. If you are not sure what type of expert is required for a particular technical issue, or set of issues, just ask us.

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If you have any enquiries please call +44 (0)141 270 7060 or email

Alternatively contact:

Gerry Brannigan (+44 (0)7968 990984)

David McIntyre (+44 (0)7712 199357)

Expert Finder

Some of our experts are listed here with some example CVs.  Either search for experts in any engineering discipline or look for a particular name or keyword in the search box.  We have an evolving group of experts so please contact us to discuss your requirements.