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Within this section, you will find papers which have been the subject of months of research, discussion and internal debate, producing rigorously tested and thought provoking analysis and insight.

The topics are highly specialised allowing our experts to develop important points about matters which they believe are of interest to the wider community.

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Many A Slip
Article publishedin Expert Witness Magazine, October 2014

Appointing the right expert
An article on choosing the correct expert by Daphne Wassermann, March 2014

Dreamspace - dreams turned into nightmares
An article on Dreamspace fatal accident, March 2014

Practitioners viewpoint
An article on training the expert by Daphne Wassermann, March 2014

Scaffolding: Adequate Inspection can Lead to Safety
by a member of staff, February 2014

Following the sad passing of former Cadogans Director - James Crawford - we enclose 2 articles written about him. The first is by our former Managing Director (In_memoriam_by_David_Carmichael.docx) and an article detailing Mr Crawfords biographical details (History_of_James_Crawford.docx). He will be sadly missed.
February 2014

Domestic Solar Photovolaic Energy in Scotland
by Roddy Wilkie, assisted by Johnny Chan, October 2013

ICE Editorial (external link)
October 2013

Forensic Engineer vs Consulting Engineer
August 2013

Safe as houses
April 2013

Legionella Control
by Gerry Brannigan, September 2012

Nuclear Power Station Disputes
by Abdul Hashmi, August 2012

England vs Scotland - The Expert's View
by Dr John McCullough, March 2012

Who is responsible for Health and Safety on a Construction Site?
by William O'Britis published in the Solicitors Group Personal Injury e-scribe series, August 2012.

Compressed Gas Beware
Article by Daphne Wassermann published in the Solicitors Group Personal Injury e-scribe series, June 2012.

Personal Injury - The Impact of Design on Health and Safety
by Karen McNeill published in the Solicitors Group Personal Injury e-scribe series, April 2012.

Safe and Sound - how safe are buiding sites?
by David McIntyre, printed in Claims Magazine, March 2012.

Biomass presentation by Roddy Wilkie
Slides from a recent presentation to a law firm. We are delighted to offer this and selected other presentations to firms who have an interest in this matter

Risk Aware or Risk Averse?
by John Nicol, printed in Personal InjuryScribe, February 2012 edition

Flue Gas Desulphurisation
by Dr John McCullough January 2012

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
by Dr John McCullough January 2012

Partially collapsed garden boundary wall.
William O’Britis. Your Witness Magazine August 2011

Personal Injury - the role of the engineer
by Daphne Wassermann, printed in Your Witness Magazine, July 2011.

High Strength Concrete: Getting it Right
published in Your Witness Magazine, June 2011.

The Solicitors Group Newsdesk
Solicitors Group Magazine

What shattered the dream?
John McCullough. Your Witness Magazine Autumn 2009

Silent witnesses
Daphne Wassermann. Your Witness Magazine May 2009

Dialogue with an engineer
Daphne Wassermann. Foresight magazine. 2006

The Glasgow Academy Feature
Building Scotland Magazine, December 2005.

Hank Hancox
Obituary of our founder published in The Times of October 16th , 2000.