What We Do

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Cadogans’ engineering expertise is vast and hence the type of work we get involved in varies enormously, from the design of systems in all types of buildings to international marine projects to multi-national nuclear power litigation: anywhere where engineering advice is required. Whether a team of experts or an individual is required, Cadogans is able to provide a solution that meets or indeed exceeds our clients’ expectations.

To make it easier to grasp the extent of our abilities, we have split this section into the following headings:

Dispute resolution – Many clients are keen to avoid litigation and initiate non-court based attempts to resolve their differences. Cadogans has long-standing experience in arbitration, mediation, expert determination and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), in the UK and Internationally.

Failures and Malperformance – Our clients often come to us when they have problems that are affecting the operation of their business.  Cadogans’ engineering expertise allows us to conduct investigations to pinpoint the reason for failures or poorly performing equipment and systems.  This ranges from commissioning or operation of buildings systems to  small mechanical problems on equipment to performance of nuclear power stations. We provide reports and advice to clients both to fix the equipment and to seek re-dress.

Accidents & Personal Injury – Cadogans is able to provide clear and concise expert reports when individuals have been injured: cases vary from mild burns to fatalities.

Project engineering – Cadogans provide our clients with a wide variety of technical professional design and advisory services related to the built environment and energy systems.  Whether undertaking design or acting as Technical Advisor our clients appreciate the critical input of unrivalled engineering expertise in their project.

Advisory work – Our clients vary from owners of property, businesses and public sector authorities to many in the legal community.  Cadogans undertakes a pro-active role in our client’s businesses, by providing advice ranging from energy audits of manufacturing plants to advice tailored to suit small niche markets.

Commercial Mediation - Cadogans offer a commercial mediation service to help resolve disputes before proceeding to litigation.