What We Do


Buildings & Projects

Cadogans provide our clients with a wide variety of technical professional design and advisory services related to the built environment and energy systems.  Whether undertaking design or acting as Technical Advisor our Clients appreciate the critical input of unrivalled engineering expertise in their project.

Options appraisal and business case

The first stage of any project will look at the practicalities, both engineering and financial. We have studied the feasibility of a wide range of projects from installation of combined heat and power in large hospital and industrial sites, to proposals for wind turbine installations in various locations.

Buildings Engineering

We do what we can to improve your business by providing design and advisory services to make the buildings where you or your clients live and work the best that they can be, implementing considered, practical and sustainable solutions to all projects.  From new build, to minor refurbishment projects, to detailed investigations to overcome issues, Cadogans work with a positive approach to help you to make projects happen successfully and resolve problems.

Combustion equipment

Boiler and incinerator installations have been core to our business since its inception. Our work has often been led by changes in environmental regulation. The 1990s saw a spate of hospital incinerator upgrades followed by strategic studies and installation of modern centralised plant. Later in the decade cremators rose to prominence, followed by combined heat and power.

More recently there has been a surge in biomass boiler and gasifier plant burning wood, waste or chicken litter.

Civil and structural engineering

Major civil engineering projects have predominantly been in connection with bridge and marine structures and pipelines. These have included design checks on a gas pipeline under a bridge in Bangladesh.